Animated Web Banner– Create a simple Flash animation with a background image moving objects and music.
What do your know about web banner ads?
Compare and contrast a regular advertisement with a web banner?
You have been asked to create an animated banner for a company and product of your choice. If you can't think of anything, create one for the NYC Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism in NYC.
Grading Rubric
  • text should be easy to read (not TOO slow or TOO fast) - but prominent! It should grow or blink but easy to read.
  • follow instructions on banner size
  • use relevant and clear images/good quality - used images close to banner size
  • the message must be relatively brief,to the point and eye-catching (growing/shrinking/blinking/BOLD) and CLEAR. This not a regular advertisement but a web banner
  • It should end with your message clearly stated! The view must know exactly what you are advertising!!!!
  • Meeting all the above requirements=85-90
  1. Open Flash
  2. View: typical web banner sizes.View examples of web banners
  3. SELECT a typical web banner size from step 2. Set your stage to this size.
  4. Use a minimum of 2 images that are icons of NYC (or relating to your goal) - NOTE the pixel image size at the bottom left in Google: try to get images closest to the banner size to preserve the quality of the image so you don't have to reduce the size too much.
  5. Go to File-->Import and get each of your images.
  6. If you don't have your Library task pane showing at right, Go to Window--> Library (this window will show your images).
  7. REMEMBER to put EACH IMAGE BE ON ITS OWN LAYER!! You may have to covert each image to a graphic (convert to symbol-->graphic).
  8. REMINDER: Give each layer a meaningful name so you know what is on it and lock the layers that you are not working on.
  9. Change the text messages (ad messages) at least twice during the ad.
  10. Use techniques that you have learned so far in class to make it eye-catching and informative
  11. For FULL CREDIT (100) - Find out how, in Flash 8, to make your banner clickable. It should go to a relavant web page when you click on it.
  12. Go to File-->Publish Settings
  13. Check off only the FLASH box to create a .swf file.
  14. Post your .swf file at the top of your wikispaces animation page
  15. FOR PROJECT CREDIT: Email me the link to your projects page:
  16. NEW_YORK_CITY.gif
  17. banner.gif