Student blog examples

  1. Logon to your google account
  2. Select MORE on the menu and then select Blogger
  3. Sign Up - Save your userID and password in your New Accounts document.

  1. Click NEW BLOG
    • Give it a name like: <yourlastname> Learning Reflections
    • Make sure others are able to comment on your blog postings - check your Settings
How to post to your blog
  1. Click NEW POST to add a post to your blog -
    • You would type a meaningful title.
    • Write about your subject.
    • Click on SAVE to save it
    • Click PUBLISH to put it on your blog.
  2. Click VIEW BLOG at the top of the page to see your live blog.
  3. Complete the first Blog Assignments
  4. If you need additional help, watch this Video - How to create a blogger blog