Copyright Infringement Assignment


  • Go to Google Drive and create a "Copyright Infringement" document.
  • Share this document with your partner with EDIT permissions
  • Each of you should take share reviewing the resources below and discuss what copyright infringement and fair use is to complete the following:
  1. List what you know about copyright infringement.
  2. List what you know about piracy.
  3. Why was the copyright infringement law created?
  4. Discuss the impact the World Wide Web has had on copyright infringement.
  5. Describe the "Fair Use" act and why is was created.
  6. Final ethical question: Will we be guilty of copyright infringement is we publish our WMM Pivot movie to the web (blog or wiki)? Support your answer.
  7. If you created a short animation to submit to a local or national animation film event and used someone else's music without permission, would that be legal? Explain why or why not.
  8. Internet Piracy - Find you own sources. What is it, give examples and have you every been guilty of piracy?

Review the following resources:
  1. Copyright Infringement
  2. What's Copyright?
  3. Copyright Basics
  4. Copyright and Fair Use
  5. What is Fair Use?
  6. Fair Use Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Copyright Infringement & Music

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