Sprites – Create an animation using sprites
Click here for Sprite Animation Instructions

CHARACTER – Create a talking face animation with a caption
Create a talking face for a character with moving features.
Your character must consist of a minimum of 8 separate images:
1. Eyes
2. Nose
3. Mouth
4. Ears
5. Caption shape
6. Text
Each part of the face should be on its own layer. For example: left eye, right eye, nose, mouth, right ear, left ear, caption shape, text). This will allow you to move each part Make sure you give the viewer enough time to read the captions. Have fun and make us laugh!

Motion Guide Create an animation of a flying bird using the motion guide tool.
Get an animated gif of a bird from the web and import it. Try Animation Library
Two extra credit points if you can figure out how to keep the birds animated wing movement during the movie.
SAVE AS A continuously looping .GIF and post to your wiki projects page.
Follow this tutorial

20 Points

Shining Text

GET CREDIT FOR YOUR WORK: EMAIL me your wiki projects page link: DButera2@schools.nyc.gov

Pivot Birds-Eye-View Create a birds-eye-view (looking down from above) of a car chase in a city and a crash. See example: birds-eye-viewSave As: Car Chase
Pivot Movie using a Storyboard and Windows Movie Maker
Create an animation that tells a story. When movies began in the early 1900s, there was no sound. They were called "silent films". Sound was added to film in 1923. Create you own silent movie. Use all the tools and skills that you have learned in the examples above. Use 3 backgrounds, 2 stickfigures, color and more!!
  1. PART I - Your movie must include 3 different scenes. Make the backgrounds in Paint or Photoshop OR get them from the web. Demonstrate an explosion or blood squirting. Be creative! Complete this storyboard first to plan out your movie:
Be creative! Save As: Storyboard

Example: Pivot_Animation.gif
2. PART II - Create a Movie in Windows Movie Maker
  1. Open your Pivot movie and Save it as a GIF file type
  2. Open Windows Movie Maker
  3. Click on Edit and Add a Title slide
  4. Import your Pivot movie (select the Pivot movie GIF file) - OPEN the file type and show ALL FILES
  5. Click on Edit and Add a Credits slide
  6. Import music and/or sound and add it to your movie
  7. When you are done, go to: File-->Save as a Movie

Web Design I

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - Download and modify a CSS template from the web
Find a free CSS template online. Search "free CSS template". Download one of choice into your Web Design folder. Make a second copy of the folder so I can see what the original one looked like. Make some 4 changes to the css sheet (the style sheets). I will compare the original with your modified version.

  1. Go to w3schools.com and learn javascript.
  2. Follow the javascript lessons.
  3. Save you work as you go.

Create a Story for the Web using any of the two tools below
  1. Create a radio show story using the Audacity audio software (download it free from the web).
  2. www.VoiceThread.com allows you to upload a PowerPoint slideshow and then add audio.

What is Linux?
Do a search in Google to define Linux. Read the definition and do the following:
external image msword.png LiveCD Evaluation.doc

Read about JQuery and implement a JQuery function of your choice on a web page: JQuery Info