LETTERS – Create a Flash animation with letters only

Special Project:
Create an animation to music using the letters of your first name.
Here's an example of how it would be done below using the word "SALSA" to a famous latin drummer Tito Puente.
You have been hired to create a movie to market a Salsa class that is coming soon to a local gym. The client wants the beginning of the advertisement movie to have the letters of the word "SALSA" dance to Tito Puente's song: Ran Kan Kan. Tito Puente is a famous latin percussionist (plays drums etc.). If you want to choose a different advertisement product, clear it with me first.

Like of the letters of the word SALSA dancing at the beginning of this movie and the name of the dance studio (Stepping Out Dance Studio or your choice) at the end of the movie.
  1. Go to: Free MP3 files. or www.4shared.com and listen to the MP3 file of Tito Puente's song: Ran Kan Kan or another song. You will listen this song as you develop you animation to make the letters move in time to the music.
  2. Open Flash. There will be 6 layers. Your background will be black and each letter of the word SALSA should go on its own layer.
  3. The first layer will be a black background
  4. Second Layer = S
  5. Third Layer = A
  6. Fourth Layer = L
  7. Fifth Layer = S
  8. Sixth Layer = A
  9. Seventh Layer = at Stepping Out Dance Studio
  10. Make the letters DANCE to the music. Make them get BIG and smaller, SPIN and more like they are dancing to Tito's song. Be creative!

Al Taylor's winning animation for 2011

Create a simple Flash animation that takes the letters of your name and manipulates them. The letters should start at different edges of the stage, move around, cross each other and finally come together to the middle to form your name. THEN have them fade away into the background.
Have the letters do some of the following:
  1. Spin around
  2. Vibrate (move in and out quickly; see scale/transform)
  3. Grow/shrink or another creative manipulation
  4. When the letters come together to form your name, have them all enlarge to a bigger name.
  5. Now made all your letters FADE (see Fading Text below) away and then return big and bold.
  6. Use a colored background that contrasts the colors of your letters.
  7. Stop your movie from looping:
1. Click on the last frame of any layer
2. Right-click and select Actions
3. Select Movie Control
4. Double click on Stop and you will see the letter “a“ appear in the frame
5. Now go up to the Menu bar and select Movie--> Test Movie - by doing this, you can test your movie and create a .swf file of your movie.

Fading Text:
  1. Start with a letter that is big and bold in a frame (I will call this frame1).
  2. In a later frame (I will call this frame2), insert a keyframe - Change the letter (shrink it, change the color).
  3. Click back on the frame1: right-click and select break apart
  4. Click back on frame2: right-click and select break apart
  5. Click back on frame1 again: – select motion tween

    Some old examples that are variations on this assignment:

Create an animation/story with 3 scenes. Your story/animation will be "interactive" and allow the viewer a choice of two different endings:
Scene 1 = the beginning of your story - finish the scene displaying two different endings in the form of descriptive text buttons linked to scene 1 or scene 2 allowing the user to select an ending of choice.
Scene 2 = the first ending - this scene will end displaying a replay button which, when clicked, will play scene 1, frame X (the frame that displays the ending choices - the buttons)
Scene 3 = the second ending - this scene will end displaying a replay button which, when clicked, will play scene 1, frame X (the frame that displays the ending choices - the buttons)

See Examples Below:

Instructional uses for flash objects that are defined as buttons (Converted to a button Symbol):

Extra Credit Work:

Second PIVOT Stick Figure Animation

Pivot2 - Action Verb = 40 pts - We will be voting on the best one!!
Based on the “Verb it’s what you do” commercials, create a pivot that has the LETTERS of YOUR VERB acting out and spelling out an action of some kind. See this animation for the action word DIVE: Example
Grading Rubric:
  • 30% - Use MS PAINT to create your background(s). You will be graded on the effort applied into creating the background..
  • 30% - Use PIVOT Stickfigure Animator to act out the meaning of your verb with LETTERS ONLY!!!!!
  • 30% - You will be graded on how effectively and creatively conveyed the meaning of your verb.
  • 10% - Bring your animation into Window Movie Maker and add sound effects or music that support the meaning of the verb. Go to 4shared.com or mediashare.com to get an mp3 file of a sound effect or music.
To get a top grade you must clearly demonstrate that you have NOT done the minimum. You must show that you have went above and beyond the requirements of the project.

More Pivot Examples
Check the examples out at the bottom of this page:
Check out this site for references