Goal: Create a Podcast (an audio filed) welcome message to introduce yourself and your blog.
See this example of a Podcast on the top of a blog's sidebar.
  1. Plug your headset into the computer first.
  2. Go to Start--> Program and open Audacity.
    1. If you don't have Audacity on your station, go to:
  3. Record a welcome message in Audacity.Follow this video instruction: How to record an audio file in Audacity
  • "Welcome to my <title of Blog> blog. My name is <your full name> and this blog is about my learning at Curtis High School. I hope you enjoy the content here and share it with your friends."

  1. You now should have created your welcome message and saved it as an MP3 file in Audacity (File--Export MP3 as your file type).
  2. Now you have to create an account in to upload and publish your audio file on the web.
  3. Go to
  4. Create an account on
  5. Upload your MP3 file & complete required fields in form.
  6. Click SHARE MY FILES at the bottom
  7. On the next screen, you will see an audio player icon to the right, click on the white building icon. See example hereexternal image blank.gif
    1. that says SHARE AND EMBED CODE
    2. COPY the embed code that appears in the window
    3. Go to your blog's dashboard
    4. Go to LAYOUT
    5. Click ADD GADGET on the sidebar & move that gadget to the TOP of your sidebar above the your ARCHIVE of posts
    6. Scroll down and select HTML/Javascript
    7. Paste the code & save