On a piece of paper with your name on top, answer the following questions in FULL SENTENCES:

1. What did you learn from this project?
2. What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?
3. How did you like working with a partner. State positives and negatives
4. If you met the basic requirements of this project , your movie should contain:
  • a introductory title slide
  • two (2) scenes in pivot that are 100 frames each that total 30 seconds of movie play time
  • a credit slide listing all participants and sources of music, sounds, etc.
  • two (2) changes of music
you will receive an 85 (B+). If you went above and beyond the basic requirements you will receive >= 90. What grade should you get?

5. If the grade you give yourself is >=90 explain what you did that above and beyond the basic requirements of the project.
6. If you gave yourself < 85, what was your project missing? State how you can improve your grade next project.
7. Did you enjoy this project?