PowerPoint Presentation Grading Rubric

Did the presentation have valuable & comprehensive material?
Presentation contained little to no content
Presentation hadsome valuable content.
Presentation had a good amount of valuable content.
Presentation had an exceptional amount of valuable content and was very informative.
Was the presentation well organized, with supportive images and easy to read? Are there spelling & grammar errors?
Very poor - Little to no sign of effort shown in creating the presentation. Multiple spelling or grammar errors?
Fair - There were some signs of organization or preparation. Three(3) or more spelling or grammar errors.
Good - There were signs of prepared content but there was room for improvement. A couple spelling or grammar errors.
Excellent - The presentation was very well organized, prepared and easy to read. No spelling or grammar errors.
Oral Presentation
Did the presenter speak clearly? Did they look at their audience? Did they provide more information than shown on the slides? Were they engaging?
Public Speaking Terminology/Vocabulary
Very weak -
poor voice volume, did not look at audience, only read slides,presenter was not engaging
Fair - low voice volume, rarely looked at audience, said alittle more than text on slides -presenter was somewhat engaging
Good - adequate voice volume, looked at audience, shared more information that text on slides -
presenter wasengaging
Excellent - excellent volume, audience contact, added value to the slide content - presenter wasvery engaging
Total Score
?? / 12