Write a 200-word essay about the impact of the Internet on business and the way people shop. Compare and contrast how business was conducted before and after the Internet. Use the web to do your research. Think about how companies have changed the way they conduct business, employment changes, new job creations, people's shopping habits, etc.
  • Open MS Word, put your full name and date in the header. Save As: The Internets impact on business
  • Use the web to gather information. You need a minimum of three sources. Copy and paste the links at the bottom of your Word document for now.
  • Create an outline of points, break into pairs to discuss the information you've gathered and then compose your essay.
  • Show me your outline before you begin writing.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar. Your essay should include an introduction, a body and conclusion.
  • On a separate, last page of your report, type: WORKS CITED at the top and center it.
  • Beneath this title, put your three or more sources. I will show you how to properly cite them in another less.
  • NOTE: Wikipedia CANNOT be used as a source when you do a report but it be used to get ideas for an outline and to find other sources. Watch this video: Using wikipedia for academic research
  • Upload your assignment to your Google Drive and share it with>Visit: How to Submit Work