True/False Question of the Day

  1. When working on a web site, it is necessary to save all the site's files one main folder. This folder is called the ROOT folder. F
  2. The home page of every web site on the web is named: index.html or index.htm T
  3. The web term "link rot" refers to poorly labelled links. F
  4. Ergonomics is the science of product design usability. T
  5. A prototype is a first or preliminary model of something during the design stage. T
  6. Good color contrast between background and text is a good web site design usability principle. T
  7. A podcast is an example of digital media T
  8. Multimedia is using more than one medium of expression or communication. T
  9. A pixel is the smallest display unit of a monitor screen. T
  10. RGB is an acronym for measuring how fast a web page loads. F
  11. W3C filters web sites for age appropriate content. - F
  12. A router examines packets of data on a network to determine its destination. - T
  13. In the age of information, poor students have less access to the Internet and information. - F
  14. The Internet is the same as the WWW. - F
  15. Phishing is when someone solicits you for your personal information. - T
  16. Identity theft is when someone steals your wallet or purse. - F
  17. Blind people can’t use the web. - T
  18. A keyboard in China looks different from our keyboard - T
  19. The very first web pages only consisted of text. - T
  20. A network is 2 or more computers that can communicate. - T
  21. A URL is the same things as a web site address. - T
  22. A twitter tweet has a character limit while a blog does not. T
  23. A network is not critical to most company’s operations . - F
  24. An IP address is the Internet protocol in numbers for a web site address. - T
  25. A LAN is the acronym for a Long Advantage Network. - F