WWW = The Age of Information - DUE 9/13
Create a Word document and save as: Do Now in your Web Design I folder.
Insert the date before each set of DO NOW question/answers
Do Now:
  • Describe what a network is?
  • State advantages & disadvantages of a network.
  • Describe how network users have different needs relating to the equipment they use and the software they interface with. Hint: Think globally and think about the disabled.
Download to your Web Design I folder & complete:
SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT A1 for credit - How to submit work for credit.
Understanding Networks & Their Impacts Due 9/14
Do Now:
  • List 2 ways you can protect files on your computer
  • If your laptop is stolen, is there software available to help you determine who has it?
Assignment A2-

Examine the diagrams below. Be prepared to explain them.
Home Network using a routing & modem to connect to the Internet:
Example of a Local Area Network (LAN):

A client station making a request for a web page from a server on the Internet (client-server model):
The World Wide Web is a network of networks:
Web Design & File TypesDownload, complete & submit by 9/25

- Web Site Design & Ergonomics
Download assignment, complete & submit:

EXTRA CREDIT (5 PTS)- Using the words from your assignments above create a crossword puzzleInstructions: Go to: PuzzleMaker.com Title = YourFullNameComputerFacts - Follow the directions on the page. Save the puzzle using your email address You must have a minimum of 8 words in your puzzle.