Create a Wiki for Your E-Portfolio

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Project Rubric
Content is not clear or minimal to non-existent
There is some evidence of clear content
Content is adequate
Content is exemplary - clear and comprehensive
Presentation makes use of graphics, color and special effects but in the manner these are used it has a negative impact on the content.
Presentation makes use of some graphics, color and special effects but their use may have a negative impact on the content.
Contains a wide variety of ways in which the information is presented on all pages. Color choices, font sizes add to the overall effect.
Presentation makes exemplary use of graphics, color, fonts, and special effects,
Makes good use of graphics, color and special effects. which greatly enhances both the look and the content of the project
The project content was not organized. The Project lacked structure and only contained bits of information.
The project content was structured and organized for the most part in a reasonable fashion.
The project content is organized well, utilizing lists or headings to provide a coherent thought process.
The project content is very well organized. It is well structured and laid out. It properly utilizes headings or lists to give it direction.
Web 2.0 Tools
No evidence of Web 2.0 tools
Minimal evidence
of Web 2.0 tools
Adequate evidence
of Web 2.0 tools
Extensive evidence
of Web 2.0 tools
Does not integrate any hyperlinks on any of the pages.
Contains some hyperlinks but not consistently used throughout. Links presented may not appear to be connected to the task at hand.
Integrates at least two appropriate links, per page. Accurate and functioning links. Attempts to explain value of the links to the project.
Integrates a wide variety of appropriate links on each page. All hyperlinks are accurate and functioning. Very detailed explanations given to explain the value of the links.
Total points = __/50