Argumentative Essay
You will write an essay that evaluates and critiques the three animations listed to determine which is the best.
Watch three animations:
  2. Click on Winners
  3. Click on and view the following three animations:
    • Comedy Short / Runner-Up = Runaway Cake
    • Experimental / 1st Place = Ghouldardi
    • Comedy Short /Honorable Mention = The Chase
Writing Instructions:
  1. In a Word document, saved as and titled: Animation Argumentative Essay
  2. Paragraphs 1-3 - Describing and critiquing eachof the animations above in separate paragraphs. Critique each animation using the following guidelines. Provide clear and supportive evidence for your argument or statement, that is, provide a reference to the movie.
    1. First introduce the movie: Title, author and a description of what it is about.
    2. Provide the critique:
      • visual impact
      • story
      • creative concept and imagination
      • professional rendering of the graphics
      • technical expertise or professional execution of the animation
      • organization
      • music/sound effects
      • effectiveness - personal impact and enjoying or a clear message
  3. Paragraph Four must be a conclusion. You will decide which animation was the best and a supportive argument as to why.
  4. Proofread for grammar and punctuation errors!!!
  1. Peer review & feedback Grade a peer's argumentative essay using this rubric:
  2. Teacher feedback